University Elections 2020

Starting today, you can vote for a PhD representative in the faculty board. Visit to vote. You will need your alphanumeric username (e.g., ab1234)to log in. If you are employed at the faculty, you may have multiple usernames. You can find the username you received as a PhD student via HISinOne (“User information > […]

Save the date: University Elections 2020

+++ The university elections will take place online for the first time  +++ This year’s university elections will be held from 08.12.2020, 10 a.m. until 14.12.2020, 10 a.m.. Students and matriculated doctoral candidates elect their representatives in the University Senate and in the Faculty Councils. Important: You can only vote as a PhD student if […]

Election of board members

New board members were elected on November 20th, 2018, by all eligible doctoral candidates of the Faculty of economical and behavioral science as follows: Board member for sport science: Patrick Dressler Board member for psychology: Lea Lott Board member for education science: Christina Schuba Board member for economics and business studies: Steffen Weyreter

New Board member has been elected.

Convent protocol of the 07.02.2017 Faculty of economical and behavioral science of the University of Freiburg   Secretary: Claus-Georg Nolte Attendant: 11 PhD students within the Faculty of economical and behavioral science   Welcome Claus-Georg Nolte was elected unanimously to be chairperson. In addition, Claus and Christian were elected unanimously to be electoral commission. No […]