Details upcoming PH.D. Convent & Survey

Dear fellow doctoral candidates,

with this mail we want to highlight the upcoming PH.D. convent on the 07.02.2017 as well as our ongoing survey. By now we are able to announce room and time where the convent will take place.

  1. PH.D. Convent on the 07.02.2017
    Time: 16 till ca. 17:30 o’clock
    Room: HS “Rundbau” at the “Institutsviertel”
    Agenda: 0. Welcoming
    – Election of convent-chair & scrutineer
    1. Reports
    – GAA
    – new PhD regulations
    – Website
    2. Board elections
    3. Presenting of the first survey results
  2. Our survey:Looking forward to the negotiations about the new PhD regulations it would be a big help for us to have a solid basis. Therefore, we’d like to ask you to participate in our survey. First results will be presented at the PhD Convent.

Thank you very much for your support and see you at the 07.02.,

Mona, Sarah, Hendrik, Tino & Claus